Blazer , Details on the Back
67.990 د.ب.‏
Duble Cloash
45.740 د.ب.‏
Black ، Silver Crystals
110.010 د.ب.‏
Crepe Chinese Abaya
55.620 د.ب.‏
Crystals on sleeves, turmeric lining
97.650 د.ب.‏
Swarovski Crystals on Luxurious Italian Tulle
110.010 د.ب.‏
Black Crystals on Luxurious Italian Tulle Fabric
148.330 د.ب.‏
Silk Bisht Decorated with Black Fringe
92.710 د.ب.‏
Bisht-style in Silk Adorned with Jacquard Fabric
92.710 د.ب.‏
Triple cloash
51.920 د.ب.‏
Crystal on the Sleeves
64.280 د.ب.‏
Elegant Abaya Inside silk
92.710 د.ب.‏
Linen Coat & Trouser
71.690 د.ب.‏
Linen Coat Brown & Trouser
71.690 د.ب.‏
Black Travel suit
71.690 د.ب.‏
Beige Travel suit
71.690 د.ب.‏
Linen summer travel suit
80.350 د.ب.‏
Abaya Inside Dark Yellow & Prem
80.350 د.ب.‏
Blazer with Buttons on Both Sides
80.350 د.ب.‏
Picture of سلايدر